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We all have our own stories as it pertains to education, how it has shaped our lives, the power it has to uplift and create a voice for those who may have otherwise be unheard. We strive to ensure that we reach students and help them see where they are and what they can become.

Board Commitee


board committee

I believe we all have a responsibility to help others. Scholarships enable, create opportunities, and uplift individuals and communities, so I choose to make this small investment. 

Cynthia Randolph



It is paramount that students are aware of how to tap into diverse resources that are available to them. Fulfillment stems from facilitating the process and helping to ensure students capture their true essence and aspirations. 

Jennifer Anderson

Vanessa McCrea


I am a big proponent of higher education. I enjoy encouraging and directing students on how to identify ways of minimizing their financial burden when attending a college or university.

Kevin Christian


I grew up poor. Scholarships offered an opportunity to achieve an otherwise unreachable goal. Understanding how those scholarships made a difference in my life, I simply wanted opportunities to return the favor. 

Charmeer Raindrop

When people understand what they can do, they can use that knowledge to make more effective decisions. Making students aware of the resources that are available can help make the impossible, possible. 


Sonja Moore

Education is so important, and there are many kids that don’t know the process. So sharing my knowledge with others thru this outsource is liberating to me.

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 1.12.49 PM.png


Bonita McGuine


I recognize the importance of education and allowing students to explore the world around them. Being apart of this committee allows me to promote academic goals for the students in our community.

Scholarship Mission

We recognize the importance of education, which is why our vision is to assist graduating high school seniors attend an institution of higher learning.

  • We do our best to expose students to information on colleges and scholarships, encourage taking the SAT/ACT (identifying resources to assist with fees);

  • Meet with students early to spur them to think about the upcoming year, where they are and what they need to do.

  • We conduct interviews and with the funds we have we provide scholarships.


Scholarship Mission

Notable Stats

48 Scholarships Awarded Since 2005

33  Scholarships Awarded Since 2013

3.65 Average GPA 

31 Total Number of Recipients

36% Attending NC Schools

38% Attending HBCUs

83 Total Scholarships Given Since 2005 

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