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We started out just recognizing Academic Achievement;  In 2013 we began to also acknowledge community service and leadership, and reward sheer determination (manifesting the promise). Why? Because all of these qualities are important to having a thriving community. Sure, not everyone has what it takes to be at the top of the class.  Our response is “Be the best you can absolutely be, push through, be determined and doors will open for you. Additionally, we understand that a community that cares and shares grows.  The sentiment, “It takes a village” has never been more true.  Each of us has a responsibility to help others. These behaviors are essential to the community in which we live and are recognized in our scholarship recipients.

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We mean it when we say "It takes a village." The BEC Alumni Facebook Group is where we come together to inspire each other, share current events, and even share new jobs opportunities in the area. We love to see how our recipients are helping to shape the world. Join us today!


Share your story


What have you been up to lately? Posting with the #BECGIVES hashtag lets us—and your fellow receipients—stay informed with what’s going on with our admired alumni. Let us know your achievements, goals, and new opportunities headed your way.

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