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The BeC Scholarship program

The Core Scholarship  Programs are named after and represent recognized qualities of former pastors of Bethel. Levi Reid, Founder of Bethel Baptist Church – Community Pastor. He dedicated his life to loving and helping everyone regardless of their background, social, spiritual or economic status. 

Thomas W. Connors believed in education.  He established Bethel’s Bible Study program amongst other things. Bryan J. Pierce led us to believe that we could go from expectation to manifestation. It was under his leadership that numerous ministries were birthed and our new Sanctuary was erected. We are pleased to offer two scholarships in each category.  One $500 and another $1000. 

core scholarship program

* Weighted GPA*

community impact scholarship

Since May of 2011, the Bethel Enrichment Center (BEC) of Kannapolis, NC has been committed to improving the community by creating programs that focus on health and wellness, individual empowerment, crisis assistance and education. The BEC understands that education leads to empowerment and empowerment to stronger communities, so we are delighted to offer the BEC Community Impact Scholarship.


The new Community Impact Scholarship represents the realization of the BEC’s desire to extend our current scholarship program, in existence since 2005, to deserving students in the greater Cabarrus & Rowan County region. Because we believe character, leadership, scholarship, and service are integral to the success of our community, the $500 BEC Community Impact Scholarship will be awarded to one student who exhibits these qualities from each of the ten high schools in closest proximity to the Bethel Enrichment Center.

Eligibility Requirements



Core Scholarship Program

  • Graduating high school senior

  • Member of Bethel Baptist Church a minimum of one (1) year

  • An active participant in Bethel’s Youth Ministry Activities (Choir, Usher, Dance, Daughters of Virtue, Sons of Integrity, etc.)

  • Completed Application, Essay, Transcript, Three Letters of Recommendation, and a panel interview.



Community Impact Scholarship

  • Graduating senior at one of 11 area high schools

  • One Parent  of African American descent or Caribbean Heritage

  • Minimum G.P.A. – 3.0

  • Exhibit Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Service in the Community

  • Completed Application, Essay, Transcript, Three Letters of Recommendation, and a panel interview.

Qualifying High Schools

Only applies to Community Impact Scholarship

●A.L. Brown

●Hickory Ridge


●Jay M. Robinson

●Central Cabarrus

●Northwest Cabarrus



●Cox Mill

●West Cabarrus 

●South Rowan​

All scholarships are in the amount of $500 and

one award is available per high school.  

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